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Will Installing Stone Countertops Increase Home Resale Value?

With the hot housing marketing in Toronto, many home owners are looking to cash in and sell their property either to move to a less expensive neighbourhood or downsize. One insight from various Toronto realtors is that the top home upgrade which will help increase your property's value is installing granite or quartz countertops in the kitchen.

With the popularity of open kitchen concepts, the once food preparation only station has become a place to cook aromatic meals in addition to the social hub spot of the house. When walking through a listing, potential buyers pay special attention to the kitchen, especially the countertop. Granite and quartz countertops are often on a buyer's 'must have' list when shopping for a new home.

When you need to change:

It's no secret that beauty sells. If you still have laminate countertops or if your countertop looks dated, stained and/or in poor condition, it is time for a change. Buyers take mental notes on the amount of items they will need to fix. Many look for houses that require minimal renovation work and may serve as a deterrent if the countertop needs replacing. And some may ask for a discount on your sale price to factor in the cost to fix problematic areas. Upgrading your laminate or damaged countertop to the sought after granite or quartz and it will help boost your home's value and also get it sold.

Why Choose Granite or Quartz:

There are many different countertop materials in the market, however, the more popular choices are still granite and quartz, and for good reason. Both these materials are durable, low maintenance and heat, stain and scratch resistant. Buyers are aware that if the countertops are cared for properly, it will retain its upscale look for years to come.

Both granite and quartz comes in an array of colors. Although everyone has their own preference, when choosing options to upgrade the countertop for resale purposes, it is best to put aside personal choices. Go with something more timeless and neutral. By choosing these options, it will appeal to a bigger audience and also allow potential buyers to envision personal decorations/touches more easily. To find our what countertop colours are most sought after in Ontario.

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