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Most Popular Quartz Countertop Colours in Ontario

As we approach the end of 2018 and look forward to the new year, we at Best Buy Granite like to reminisce and re-cap

some of our most popular countertop color selections for the year.

Quartz counters continue to be the top material of choice for homeowners who updated their countertops. With styles and

colour preferences changing constantly, this article will keep you one step ahead on what Quartz colors and looks

dominated the market for the year. Click here for the most popular granite counter colours.

Top 5 Quartz Countertop Colours

1. Stratuario Maximus / Calacatta Collection

As with 2018, the Calacatta collection continues to be homeowners' top choice for quartz countertop colours. The clean

white background to these styles can work in any style of kitchen, be it modern, traditional or transitional. These shades of

quartz are specifically created to replicate the look of a beautiful soft white marble, with the added benefit of the strength

and maintenance free properties of quartz. The large veins offer a very elegant and expensive look to any kitchen. These

shades, with their clean white background and grey toned veins can match almost any tile selections, backsplash

selections, and color/stain choices of cabinetry. These are universal colors, that work in every kitchen, and add depth to

any design, and for that reason Stratuario Maximus and Calacatta Collection have been crowned the most popular shade

of 2018!

2. Brittanicca

As we continue with the popularity of marble looking quartz, we find our runner up for most popular quartz color of 2018.

Britannica offers a clean white base color, with dramatic grey veins to add a focal point and wow factor to your kitchen.

Much like the "marble-looking" collection, this countertop can work in any style of kitchen, and truly adds a pop of color that

is exciting and unique. What sets Britannica above the competition is the absolute perfection of the veining. Cambria

strives for absolute perfection, meaning every slab is carefully inspected to make sure the veining has sharp clean lines,

and yet each slab is completely unique, and cannot replicated. Britannica can match almost any tile selections, backsplash

selections, and color/stain choices of cabinetry, and adds a very classy and elegant look to your kitchen design.

Fun fact: Britannica comes in both a polished finish, or matte

3. Woodlands

Here we find a shade that is the polar opposite of the marble-looking" quartz selections. Woodlands is a very dark toned

quartz with a melting pot of color shades in the actual stone. You will find black tones, brown tones, beige tones, and a

small touch of white tones, with a reflective quality. Woodlands is a very popular dark color selection simply because it can

universally match almost all cabinet colors/stains. Because of its diverse color profile, this shade of quartz could be the

center piece that ties the entire kitchen together. Its dark tones make dirt, crumbs, and smudges virtually invisible, making

it the most low-maintenance shade you can find. Woodlands is a timeless color that will never go out of style, and makes a

wonderful substitute for a "granite" appearance, making it very popular for the year of 2018.

4. Peppercorn White

Every year we are faced with more and more diverse and unique color selections for quartz, but what happened to the

classics? You cannot get a more classic quartz look then the familiar yet timeless pebble effect. The key to this look is to

find a quartz color that offers the natural look of pebbles, without looking engineered, and this is what you find with

peppercom white. With a base color of off-white, and a mixture of black tones, grey tones, brown tones, and beige tones,

this shade replicates the look of a bed of pebbles. The natural simplicity of this color works very well in a traditional kitchen,

or those looking for a rustic look. This color pairs best with darker color cabinetry, as it adds a splash of white that is not

over-whelming. As it goes for speckled quartz color samples, peppercorn white has an organic simplicity that sets it apart

from looking overly-engineered.

5. Torquay

This beautiful shade of quartz continues with the "marble-looking theme, yet keeps veining to a minimum making it more

simplistic and less dramatic. This pattern consists of very small veins of grey, blue, and beige tones. This makes matching

Torquay to backsplash or tiling a breeze. Torquay is by nature a very clean looking quartz, and adds dimension to the

countertop without being an overpowering shade. Torquay can be paired with ANY color/stain of cabinetry making it a top

choice this year!

These are the top five quartz counter selections this year by our designers and clients alike. For their individual reasons,

these quartz colours have rightfully fought for their claim to fame. However, when it comes to your quartz selection, there

are truly hundreds of quartz colors and styles to select from, and each year we see more and more unique beautiful

shades. If you are planning on updating your kitchen countertop to quartz and unsure how it is priced, click here to find out

Here at Best Buy Granite, we pride ourselves on staying current with the ever changing world of kitchen design. If you are

looking for more information, or would like to check out our expansive quartz collection, please feel free to contact one of

our specialist, or stop by and check out our beautiful showroom in Mississauga.

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