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How to Care for Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the most popular countertop choices, and for good reason. This natural stone, which is formed over time from volcanic magma, is one of the most durable options available. It is also resistant to high temperatures and easy to clean.

There's always been a misconception that granite countertops require no maintenance. But reality is, it might demand the least when compared to other materials, however, there is still some work to be done to keep your investment looking great.

To Seal or Not Seal

Since all stones are porous - although the degree differs amongst the type of stones - applying a seal on the surface will prevent spills from penetrating the surface which causes discoloration.

Granite countertops are usually sealed when installed and experts recommend resealing every twelve months. However, you can do simple tests to see if it is necessary.

Method 1: sprinkle a few drops of water on the granite countertop and wait for 4 minutes. If the water is absorbed into the granite, then resealing is required.

Method 2: put a drop of mineral oil on the granite and wait for 10 minutes. Wipe off the oil and see if a dark spot has appeared. If it has, then resealing the granite countertop is necessary.

*NOTE: the dark spot will fade within 30 minutes after it first appeared.

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